Dear Parents,


  1. A parent or guardian must call the school (613) 342-4911 o let us know that their son/daughter will not be at school and state a reason why. You may talk to our attendance Secretary directly or leave a message. Please remember to leave a detailed message.  If using a cell phone please make sure the connection is clear.
  2. NEW - you can now report an absence through our Safe Arrival App  SchoolMessenger
  3. Once attendance has been taken during Period 1 of that particular school day, a “synervoice” will call out to those homes that have not yet reported their child’s absence to the school.
  4. If an earlier phone call had not been received from home to the school yet, another “synervoice” will be sent home each period to make the parents/guardians aware of which classes their child missed. A phone call to the school at this point would be appreciated.
  5. If parent/guardian forgets to call the school, then it is expected their child will bring a note the very next school

Extended Absence

A form is required to be submitted for periods when your child will be away from school for an extended amount of time for vacations, special events, etc.   The student will be expected to obtain work from their teachers and/or do work ahead of time and obtain their signature attesting to this.   In these instances, the absence(s) will be excused by the Principal. Please have your child pick up a form from the office. 
Download the SAFE ARRIVAL APP! You can verify your child's absences with the reason for the absence, notify us of lates etc.. 
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