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Please visit to register online. Please call St. Mary CHS at 613-342-4911 if you have any questions about registrations to our school.
We would be happy to help!
If you are unable to register online here are our registration forms that you can print and drop off at the school. You can also pick up hard copies directly from the school. If you are new to our Board we will require additional documentation such as seeing a copy of birth certificate, baptismal certificate and proof of address.
CDSBEO Registration Form– 

Grade 7 and 8

St. Mary CHS Grade 7 Registration Form:
Admission of non-Catholic Form – must be used if your child is in grade 7 or 8.  We also suggest writing a letter to our Superintendent, Mr. Brent Bovaird, with your intention to support the Catholic Education of your child.  We can help you with this process so please speak with administration.