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Virtual Chapel

Welcome to our St. Mary virtual chapel!  It is our hope that this virtual space helps us maintain a connection to each other and our faith.  You are welcome to visit our virtual chapel often for news, reflection and prayer.   

Dear Friends, 


Mr. S is happy to return to school to journey with you through a new and exciting year. Although COVID still lingers, I hope that this year will be filled with the rich blessings of friendship and learning.  Fr. Brennan, who was with us for many years, has begun a new ministry at another school in CDSBEO.  He will be missed and we thank him for his years of dedicated service.   


Our CDSBEO Board Theme is "I Belong Here, Together We Are God's good news!" At St. Mary, we will continue building a non-judgmental, inclusive and welcoming environment. Our hope is that all staff, students, and visitors feel like “[they] Belong Here.” Our hope is to co-create and re-create spaces where everyone feels connected.   We continue to be dedicated to offering meaningful experiences of prayer and reflection so that we grow to recognize the immense love of our God.  Together” we will practice being “Good News” by serving each other both inside and outside of our school community. 


As we journey through this new school year, may we be filled with a new enthusiasm and positive outlook. May the inspiration of God’s Spirit continue to help us as we navigate safely these challenging times.   


All students and staff are invited to contact Mr. S for support or to discuss matters of faith and spiritual well-being.