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Virtual Chapel

Welcome to our St. Mary virtual chapel!  It is our hope that this virtual space helps us maintain a connection to each other and our faith.  You are welcome to visit our virtual chapel often for news, reflection and prayer.   

Dear Friends,


This year, our Chaplaincy Team has seen a change. Mr. Shallow (Mr. S) has replaced Ms. Cavanaugh who after several years of service to St. Mary CHS, has retired. We thank her for the tremendous care and energy ministering within our school community. We are fortunate that Fr. Brent Brennan (here on Wednesdays) continues to minister with us. We thank him for his generous spirit.


This year is unlike any other. With the many restrictions in place to keep all of us safe, our Chaplaincy Team’s ministry within the school will look different. We wish to continue creating a non-judgmental,  inclusive, and welcoming environment throughout our school community. We are dedicated to offering meaningful experiences of faith and regular opportunities for prayer and exploration of our God who loves us. To do this safely, will mean exploring new ways of communicating and acting at the service of each other.


As a Catholic school community, we will reach out beyond the walls of our school as we recognize the needs of the people all around us. We will continue to build our faith with regular prayer and reflection. We will participate in the liturgical life of the Church, helping to strengthen us as faithful disciples of Jesus.


Students and staff are invited to contact the Chaplaincy Team to discuss any matters of faith and spiritual well-being.