September’s Theme is Courage: Having the strength to do what is right even when it is not popular. Speaking up for yourself and others.


Austin Goulet has been selected as the Male CRUSADER CHARACTER for the MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. Austin has taken upon himself to lead Cross Country runners who don’t know Brockville roads very well. He fearlessly shows them the way, even if it means taking a different pace than he would normally run himself. Austin always offers to lend a hand when needed and has one of the best attendance records for all of the cross country practices to date. Keep up the great work Austin! Congratulations!

Marianna Abrams has been selected as the Female CRUSADER CHARACTER for the MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. Marianna is a one of the captains of the Senior Girls Basketball Team. She is in her 2nd year with the program and has been an advocate for the team’s needs and felt comfortable enough to have a discussion with her fellow captains and coaching staff. Marianna reminded all of us that we should keep short term goals and not look too far ahead into the future without reflecting on the present. Since that talk, the team has been more focused and determined to win a LGSSAA title after a 4 year drought. We are all very proud of her for taking the courage and leadership to voice those concerns!