Welcome!  Students are invited to drop by the chapel at any time to speak with Ms. Cavanagh. The Chaplaincy Team strives to provide Pastoral Care and meaningful experiences of faith to all students and staff. We want to support you without judgment and help you meet whatever challenges you may face, in the knowledge that you are not alone.  You may also wish to get involved with any of our many social justice initiatives.  The Justice League meets Mondays at lunch in room 185.  Everyone is welcome!!

Your chaplaincy team consists of Ms. Catherine Cavanagh and Father Brent Brennan (Fr. Brennan is in the school on Wednesdays).  Ms. Cavanagh and Fr. Brennan work with all staff to provide spiritual care and guidance to our students.

St Mary is a school of hope, wisdom, faith, and peace. We want our students to know that they are loved by God, and that they are called in turn to love their neighbour as themselves.  Students are invited to contact the Chaplaincy Team to discuss matters of faith and spiritual well-being.

Your chapel is always open!

Prayer and Liturgy
Prayer places us before God, wrapped in the presence of the Spirit.  The essential need for prayer lies at the heart of the St Mary CHS philosophy.
At St Mary the school day begins every day with prayer over the intercom.  Classes take turns being responsible for prayer reading, and work closely with the chaplaincy team.
Every month students and staff gather for mass.  We transform our school gym temporarily into a house of God.  Please check our school calendar for the next mass.
During Advent and Lent, we offer prayer services in the chapel during class time.  These well-attended services are open to all high school students.
The Chapel is always open for individual or small group prayer, and the chaplaincy team is always open to lead the student population in prayer both there and in the classroom.