Dear Parents,

The message below pertains to Non-Pandemic Times. Therefore, the current attendance procedures will be slightly altered to adapt to our current situation involving COVID-19. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.  


St. Mary takes student attendance very seriously. With 110 hours allotted per course, High School students who miss a significant number of classes may find themselves in jeopardy of losing their credit. The number that our Administration looks at as being “at risk” for losing their credit is 15 days. However, many different situations may contribute to that number such as; illness, family matters or personal situations. Regardless of the reason, it is the responsibility of not only the student but the family as well to contact the school and confirm the whereabouts of the student on the day(s) they were absent.

This is the process:

  1. A parent or guardian must call the school (613) 342-4911 and press “1” for attendance to let our Attendance Secretary know that their son/daughter will not be at school and state a reason why. You may talk to our attendance Secretary directly or leave a message. Please remember to leave a detailed message.  If using a cell phone please make sure the connection is clear.
  2. Once attendance has been taken during Period 1 of that particular school day, SCHOOL MESSENGER will call out to those homes that have not yet reported their child’s absence to the school.
  3. If an earlier phone call had not been received from home to the school yet, another “synervoice” will be sent home at the end of the school day to make the parents/guardians aware of which classes their child missed. A phone call to the school at this point would be appreciated.
  4. If parent/guardian forgets to call the school, then it is expected their child will bring a note the very next school day that the child attends, written by the parent or guardian with an explanation of the absence. If a note or phone call still hasn’t been received by 7:50 am the day after the student returns to school, then it will be registered as a “SKIP” and the student will serve a lunch-hour detention that particular school day with either the Principal or Vice-Principal. A note can be brought in or phone call can still be made after 7:50a.m that day, but the detention will still remain.
  5. In the event of a student skipping a class, contact with the home will be made and detentions will be assigned. In the case of excessive skips/unverified absences in school or out of school suspensions may be assigned. Contact with home will also be made in this rare situation. If a student is not attending school or not attending their assigned consequences from missing school, a parent meeting will be set up to discuss further options.

If you have any questions at any time about our attendance policy you may contact:

Mr. Matt Reil

Attendance Officer

(613)342-4911 x 163



  • Students are expected to be in class at  8:05 a.m.
  • You MUST SIGN IN AT THE OFFICE IF YOU ARE LATE FOR ANY REASON.  By not signing in at the office (teacher’s attendance is usually done early) it will look as though you are absent and a call will go home.
  • Absences from class will be considered a SKIP unless a note or phone call is received upon arrival at the office.
  • Detentions will be assigned by your teacher after 3 unexcused lates to a class (If you do not have a note, it is an UNEXCUSED LATE).
  • If you have a spare or peer tutoring first period – you must sign in.
  • If you have coop in the morning – you must sign in upon arrival to school.
  • If you missed an entire day due to illness or appointments, you must bring a note the following day to the office, unless your parent called in.


  • Students are encouraged to make appointments outside of school hours, however, if you must leave for an appointment during school time parents must inform the school beforehand, either by a written note or by phone. (The school answering machine is on 24 hours a day.)   Show your note to the teacher and then proceed to the office with the note to sign out.
  • If you are ill, you must report to THE OFFICE TO CALL HOME. Students who do not report to the office or student services when ill will be treated as if SKIPPING. DO NOT CALL FROM THE CLASSROOM OR YOUR CELL PHONE.
  • IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE A PHONE CALL IN ADVANCE or YOU DO NOT HAVE WRITTEN PERMISSION TO LEAVE – A LUNCH HOUR DETENTION WILL BE ASSIGNED. We will then expect a phone call or note the following day. If not, the absence will be treated as a skip.


  • If you are going on a vacation DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR, the Office requires notification in writing, IN ADVANCE, stating the dates you will be away. It will be up to the student to ask for homework from their teachers in advance of their vacations. NOTE:  THE TIME MISSED FOR VACATIONS OUTSIDE OF SCHEDULED SCHOOL BREAKS WILL BE COUNTED AS ABSENCES.