St. Mary Catholic High School Staff   2018-2019  

 Mr. Stephane Wilcox Principal  Ext. 104
 Mrs. Christa Monds Vice Principal  Ext. 103
Main Office & HS Attendance
Mrs. Stephanie Fisher HS Attendance Ext. 101
Mrs. Linda Grant Gr. 9-12 Guidance and Registration Ext. 306/101
Mrs. Jaime Burns Finance Office Ext: 106
 Mr. Matt Reil HS Attendance Counselor/ Athletic Coordinator Ext. 163
 Mrs. Tabitha Marshall Library Ext. 164

Special Education

Mrs. Benita Adams Educational Assistant Ext. 135
Mrs. Cathy Barr Educational Assistant Ext. 141
Mr. Mike Wooller Educational Assistant Ext. 141
Mrs. Julie Marshall Educational Assistant Ext. 141
Mrs. Corry Goddard Educational Assistant Ext. 141

Elementary Staff

Teacher Name Role Room Teacher Site / Snow Day Lesson
Mr. Steve White Special Education Resource Teacher 7-8 Ext. 135 Go to Class OneNote
Mme. Sylvie Charland Core French Ext. 123
Mr. Dan Chartrand Grade 7 Ext. 134 Teacher’s Website
Mr. Dave Kelly
Ms. Shanna Spencer Grade 7/8 Ext. 133 Go to the REMIND App.
Ms. Denise McCabe Grade 7&8 Immersion – English Ext. 132

Student Services

Mr. Sean Shallow Chaplain Ext. 109
Mr. Andrew Dowd Co-op Ext. 310
Mr. Jason Sheridan Co-op Ext. 310
Mrs. Marie Mortensen Student Support Worker Ext. 102
Mrs. Kathy Easter Guidance Ext. 305
Mrs. Diane Wooller Guidance Ext. 302
Mrs. Kerry Kargus Special Education Ext. 303
Mrs. Becki MacDonald Special Education Ext. 187
Mrs. Kristen Nihmey Special Education Ext. 308
Mrs. Lori Chartrand Special Education Ext. 203

High School Staff

Teacher Name Subjects Website Snowday Link
Ms. Lisa Alexander French Go to Class OneNote
Mr. Rob Bell Science, Chemistry, Math Teacher’s Site  Teacher’s Site
Mr. Dave Bolger History, Religion, Geography
Mrs. Sheri Bolger Math Teacher’s Site  Teacher’s Site
Ms. Andrea Cameron English, Drama
Mrs. Lori Chartrand Art Teacher’s Site Go to Class OneNote
Mr. Pat Devaney Math, Hospitality, Phys. Ed Go to your OneDrive
Mr. Mark Deeves English, Philosophy Twitter link
Mr. Andy Dowd Coop, Geography, History
Mrs. Kathy Easter Kinesiology, Religion
Mr. Dave Edwards Science, Math, Phys. Ed. Go to Class OneNote
Mr. Pat Huntley Math, Religion HUNTLEY – MAP4C HUNTLEY- CGC1D HUNTLEY – HRT3M PDF link here
Mr. Dennis Hutt English, Aboriginal Studies, Student Success Go to your Brightspace
Mr. Eugene Janssens Music, Musical Theatre Teacher’s Site Musical Theatre
Mr. Ron Kargus Construction Technology Twitter Link
Mrs. Becki Macdonald Hospitality, Business, Musical Theatre Go to Class OneNote
Mr. Peter Murphy Science, Math, Physics Teacher’s Site
Mrs. Kristen Nihmey English
Mr. Matt Reil Healthy Active Living, Rec Leadership, Rec and Sport for Life, Student Success Teacher’s Site  Teacher’s Site
Mr. Mark Reilly Phys. Ed., Religion, Student Success
Mr. James Roy Science, Chemistry, Math
Mrs. Kim Sauve-Meeson Religion, Careers and Civics, Science Go to Class OneNote
Mr. Mike Shea Math and Science
Mr. Jason Sheridan Phys. Ed., History, Coop
Ms. Maureen Thibodeau Math, English, ESL
Mr. John Thorpe English
Mr. Mark Tobin Religion, Social Sciences
Mrs. Luisa Whitton Biology, Science Go to Class OneNote
Mrs. Diane Wooller Musical Theatre Teacher’s Site  Teacher’s Site


Mrs. Wanda Vokey

Mr. Peter Flood

Ms. Jill Boyd

Mr. Jason Loughren