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Culminating and Exam Schedule changes due to bus cancellations

Important Message Regarding Inclement Weather and the Exam and Culminating Schedule

This is a message to let parents and students know that high school exams will now start on Friday, January 25. Students are encouraged to check their class webpages, where applicable, for reviews and other course content to assist with preparing for exams.

Thursday we will run the last Culminating Activity in the morning. In the afternoon we will run a modified schedule to allow students the opportunity to see their remaining three teachers before exams on Friday.

A reminder that schools always remain open on snow days and we encourage students to come into the school and connect with their teachers. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the school.



8:05am – 10:43am






11:33am – 12:10pm


12:10pm – 12:48pm


12:55pm – 1:31pm


1:31pm – 2:08pm


2 Responses to “Culminating and Exam Schedule changes due to bus cancellations”

  1. Carrie Dennis says:

    When will the new culminating and exam schedule be posted due to bus cancellations today.
    Thanking you in advance

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