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Orientation for Grade 9 and all new students

Orientation Day – Thursday, August 31

– Grade 9’s and all new students and their families will be greeted by Student Council Leaders at our front doors between 12noon – 12:30pm where they will be directed to the cafeteria to receive their information packages (timetables, locker assignments, other school information)

– Starting at 12:30, a brief, but formal information session will taken place in our cafeteria (Intro of our Admin, Prayer, Staff intros, Guidance info)

– The students will then head to the gym and be organized into groups for a series of Student Council led, game and “get to know each other” stations, followed by a school tour (still in groups with Student Council leaders) to find their classrooms and lockers.

– Lastly, students will be given information about our social media handles, as well as a refreshment! Activities will wrap up at 2pm.

– Orientation Day is a great way to ensure new students are feeling confident about their environment and to ensure they are excited to start their school year on Tuesday, September 5th!

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!

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